Why AudioFEEL?

Passionate about sound and music from always, I'm looking for the 'grail' sound... Could not find it at 'reasonable' prices, I did many attempts of electronic circuits existing (DIY) or invented (some sold under the brand AudioTouch). This experience has inspired me to go further...
This desire of creation takes the form of AudioFEEL project with for first product an 'uncompromising' DA[SD] player : the d-play; 100% designed and made in France, it is innovative in many ways and is part of a tradition audio 'upscale' with devices built to last.
A power amplifier with an unique technology (Class V) is also planned...
Also, by taking into account at the stage of study the environmental aspects of sustainable development, AudioFEEL has an eco-design approach.

What is eco-design?

The eco-design approach begins with a reflection on the function of a product, in order to define 'what we want'. What is the product, what are we waiting for exactly? The job is then to achieve this goal, that is to say, to fulfill this function, while reducing the environmental impacts of the product throughout its life cycle.
Our eco-friendly design includes several aspects:
- our units are equipped with modern components but usual
- built to last, they include a reparable and upgradeable technology
- and they have a low power consumption (LED display, multiplexed).

Why DA[SD] ?

DA[SD] for Digital Audio on SD card (or Audio-SD). One can imagine the equivalent for the video: DV[SD]...
The AudioFEEL ambition is to propose a new 'popular' format 'solid-state' type able to succeed the older optical formats: CD, SA-CD, DVD, etc ... The first attempt proposed to associate this format to a quality process but little used: DSD or 'Delta-Sigma Direct' principle; But it is considered 'alternative' and affects only a handful of passionate music lovers / audiophiles. In addition, there are currently few initiatives to encourage its development.
The PCM technique is mainly used and has regularly many improvements, one of the most interesting is the arrival of efficient compression methods and royalty free.
The FLAC format seems the most "universal": it's compatible Win/OSX/Linux/Android. In addition, metadata can be embedded in the file (as opposed to WAV files), it allows including adding 'Loudness' tags.
Finally, it's a 'lossless' compression format, so it complies with Hi-Fi requirements!
Listeners will be free to choose, a compatible player DA[SD] like the d-play will be able to read the two methods of storing digital audio signals, DSD (.dsf) and PCM (.flac).
The DA[SD] format, in the spirit of community, will be open and royalty free: there are no royalties, unlike the CD, DVD, etc...

Why DA[SD] format is not more developed?

Simply because it is new. For now it is a project, a proposal to listeners who are free to adopt it or not. And it takes time to gain acceptance of industry professionals and the public.
With Internet, distances are abolished but the habits/attitudes do not change overnight!

Why improve the listening quality? MP3 is more than enough...

Clearly, DA[SD] media is not addressed to those who are happy with the MP3 format; although we can quite imagine a cohabitation as it's possible to convert/degrade a quality format (the reverse is not true).
That's all the problem: auditors do not see the point of having a better source (because the Masters are clamped) and sound engineers do not see the interest of improving the Masters because the majority of players are not compatible...!
Things seem to evolve since the success of Pono project is based on listening with 'best quality' (with many marketing too!) ...

What is an USB DAC?

DAC stands for Digital/Analog Converter. Used in conjunction with a computer, it's actually an USB High-Resolution sound card with outputs only. An associated software (player) allow to play digital audio files stored on the computer to these outputs (then a Hi-Fi system).

Is it really "Made in France"?

Yes. Everything is designed and made in France, in the Montpellier region precisely.
For example, the wiring is done in a workshop specialized in aerospace...

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