With AudioFEEL D[SD] player d-play :
FEEL the Music !


The d-play project is underway, some prototypes are being developed in order to provide a finalized release soon...
The progress of the project can be followed on Facebook page.


AudioFEEL d-play:
- the first 'solid state' DA[SD] standalone player
- audiophile’s quality design and components
- High Definition Formats: DSD64-128 and PCM/Flac (from 16/44.1 to 24/192)
- memory cards (Flash or ROM) SD or SDHC type (up to 32 Go)
- Ability to operate as an USB DAC (switchable)
- simple and user-friendly user-interface
- ‘thin’ IR-remote
- unbalanced line Out RCA golden connectors
- balanced line Out XLR golden connectors
- headphones output (6.35mm Jack) in front panel with dedicated amplifier
- output volume setting with 'mute' function
- solid metal-housing (protection / EMC shielding)
- linear-power (robust, reliable and silent)
- eco-design guarantee 'made in France' in collaboration with AudioTouch


• Dynamic range: 120dB on all the useful frequency range
• Noise: -107 dB THD+N
• Consumption: max. 10 Watts
• Dimensions: height 44mm - width 221mm - depth 180mm

2014 AudioFEEL